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Piasecki Funeral Home Proudly Welcomes Matthew Martin as New Partner

It is with great pride and tremendous gratitude that we at the Piasecki Funeral Home would like to announce Matthew J. Martin as a new partner, effective June 2020. "To be in the funeral service requires a rare blend of empathy, grace under pressure, and collaborative spirit," said Nancy Piasecki, President of Piasecki Funeral Home. [...]

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Celebrating The Life Of Your Loved One During This Challenging Time

Piasecki Funeral Home is dedicated to ensuring that the life of your loved one is celebrated with all of those who were part of the journey. The recent restrictions have placed a limit on crowd sizes within our facility. However, there are still many ways celebrate that person's life and express your condolences. Our job [...]

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Education Can Be The Best Defense Against Suicide

Someone is waiting right now to help.  Learn the signs: Giving away prize possessions. Saying things like, "It'll be O.K. when I'm gone" or "You won't have to worry about it" Go through a period of deep sadness then appear really happy, as if they are at peace with the finality of ending their life. [...]

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Coping With Grief During A Holiday

Pace Yourself:  You don't have to uphold all the obligations you did in the past.  Allow yourself the luxury to slow down, release and let go of the old "should have" and "have to" concept. To Say "NO" is O.K.:  It's O.K. to tell others NO.  This means you can reject invitations or visitors if [...]

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Great Men Performing A Great Service

When you attend a funeral with military honors in the Kenosha area, take special notice of the men in uniform handling the Stars and Stripes and performing the rifle salute (3 shot volley). They are the Kenosha Area Vietnam Veterans (KAVV) Honor Guard. Here are some interesting facts about KAVV: 1. They are an all-volunteer [...]

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Funeral Directors – 3 Things You May Not Know About These Super People

In March we celebrate National Funeral Directors Recognition. Here are 3 reasons why they deserve it: 1. Funeral Directors provide support to families before, during and after a funeral service. Directors remain available during every stage of the arrangement process. After the service is over, they provide guidance on estate documents, social security and memorial [...]

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Top 5 Misconceptions About Funerals

Many people today don't understand why we have funerals.  What we don't understand we tend to be skeptical of.  Here are the top 5 misconceptions about funerals: Funerals Are Too Expensive - The social and emotional benefits of personalized funerals far outweigh their financial costs.  Besides, a funeral doesn't have to be lavishly expensive to [...]

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3 Scams To Watch For After Losing A Loved One

If you've recently lost a loved one and suspect that you are being targeted for a scam, call us at 262-658-4101. We can help you determine if what you're being told is legitimate. We're here to help you.   Here are 3 common scams you should be aware of:   1. "You owe money": A common [...]

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1. Holiday Cooking - Consider ways to simplify holiday meals: order out, go out, have everyone bring a dish or lay out a simple buffet. 2. Decorating - You don't have to put every decoration up. Consider a tabletop tree or meaningful centerpiece that focuses on the true meaning of Christmas. 3. Shopping - Shopping [...]

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