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When I Die, Just Donate My Body To………….Science?

The perception of many is that donating your body to science is easy and can be done with no cost or minimal effort by the survivor(s)…but au contraire! The path to body donation is extensive and requires considerable planning, including registration and crystal-clear communication between all involved BEFORE death occurs. This is yet another [...]

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Military Funeral – VA Benefits In Wisconsin

The Military Funeral Honors Program (MFHP) in Wisconsin provides a final tribute to the men and women who served our state and nation honorably as members of the U.S. armed forces. Piasecki Funeral Home will assist in obtaining a dignified military service whether a burial or cremation based on the honorable service given to our [...]

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Hi, I’m Millie – The Newest Member of the Piasecki Team

Hi,  I'm Millie. I’m the newest member of the team at Piasecki Funeral Home and I am a therapy dog-in-training.  As you can imagine, a therapy dog is much more than a "resident pet.”  Becoming a loving, caring therapy dog means I have to have lots of training and learn to remain calm in [...]

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Why and How To Have A Post – COVID Memorial Service

During the COVID pandemic many families were unable to have a funeral service or hold a memorial for a loved one.  Even those that did have a funeral for a loved one were forced to downsize to immediate family only.  Even then, many of the immediate family members could not attend due to vulnerability [...]

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Pre-planning is Easy as Pie

Piasecki has the perfect recipe to share.  Let us help make your plans complete.  We will talk over each option for your plan and help you make the choices that are best for you and your family.  After you select the exact ingredients, we will guide you through personal, easy-to-follow instructions for you and [...]

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Why You Should Write Your Own Eulogy – And How

A eulogy is generally defined as a speech that praises a person and highlights their accomplishments.  At a funeral, a eulogy provides a loving testament of one’s life. It addresses a loved one’s character, accomplishments, and the legacy they leave behind. Writing your own eulogy allows you to think through your own life and [...]

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The Important Documents You Need to Have in Place Before You Die

The Important Documents You Need to Have in Place Before You Die: A Will And Living Will. Having a prepared, signed, and certified will is perhaps the most important document one needs to have ready before they die Power Of Attorney. A power of attorney comes in two forms: A financial power of attorney [...]

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What To Do With Cremated Remains? – You Have Options

You Chose Cremation for a loved one-now you have to think about what will be done with the cremated remains? While people may consider cremation compared to traditional casket burial, there are still decisions to make.  Do you keep your loved one at home, perhaps on a mantel? There are a plethora of options [...]

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Are You Always ON THE GO?

Travel has become second nature to most of us and we tend to forget that when we're away from home.....anything can happen, including death.  With On The Go protection from APASI, you and your family can have complete peace of mind, ensuring that you make it back to your family at no additional cost. [...]

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What Is Death Cafe?

What is a Death Cafe?  Don't worry it's not the new restaurant down the street, although there is coffee and sometimes cake or a muffin.  A death cafe is a group discussion on the taboo topic of death.  There's no objective or theme, the main goal is to get people talking about end of [...]

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