In March we celebrate National Funeral Directors Recognition. Here are 3 reasons why they deserve it:

1. Funeral Directors provide support to families before, during and after a funeral service. Directors remain available during every stage of the arrangement process. After the service is over, they provide guidance on estate documents, social security and memorial products. Some also hold grief counseling sessions, holiday remembrance services and community events to comfort those in the community affected by a loss.

2. Directors are often recruited to help with other functions behind the scenes. Weddings, charity runs, movie nights and tours are just some of the ways funeral directors get involved with their community while utilizing their exceptional planning skills. Many will also host events and seminars specifically for senior citizens to help them find resources or connect with other seniors.

3. Most people don’t realize how many sacrifices funeral directors make to remain available to their communities. On major holidays when the rest of the country is celebrating, funeral directors are often meeting with families or transporting remains after a passing. They miss milestone events and give up time with their own families to handle business, day or night. Staying connected to those in need 24/7, 365 days a year requires a selfless attitude and a strong commitment to helping others that should be commended.